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Motorhome Hire South Yorkshire


When using our services, you the hirer, card holder, renter, driver, user acknowledges and accepts the below terms and conditions and those that are on the front and reverse side of the rental agreement and on the check in and check out agreement (copy available upon request) as if they were set out in full. Should you disagree, are unable to comply with our terms and conditions, please do not proceed with our services or use of our website. It is your responsibility to ensure you read and understand our terms and conditions before entering a verbal booking contract and before signing the rental agreement etc

‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘Lessor’, ‘Lessors’ ‘Hire Company’, ‘ AFP motorhome hire & sales ltd ,  Sheffield 346 Brightside Lane Sheffield S92SP. ‘You’, ‘Your’ ‘I’ ‘them’ ‘Me’ means – the hirer and the driver(s) named at the time of booking and on the rental/hire agreement

The person(s) named on the hire/rental agreement.


The hirer and or other person(s) named on the hire/rental agreement or any other persons specifically approved by the ‘lessor’ to drive the vehicle during the duration of the agreement.

The original vehicle described on your hire/rental agreement or any replacement vehicle.


The spare wheel, tools and any other items with which the vehicle is supplied and any replacement thereof.

It is the hirers or any approved drivers responsibility for punctures and any damage to the steel/alloy rim, hub caps or tyres.

The rental period from the date and time stated on your hire/rental agreement until the re-delivery of the vehicle into the physical custody of the ‘lessor’.

The hire charge of the rental period calculated in accordance with the ‘lessors’ tariff.

A surcharge which is added to the cost of the amount of ‘top-up’ fuel needed when the vehicle is returned to the ‘lessor’. Calculated in accordance with the ‘lessor’s’ tariff.

The sum specified as the excess amount. This is payable on each and every individual damage, loss, accident and insurance claim.


These are not covered by the ‘lessor’ or the vehicle’s insurance. The hirer and any approved drivers and passengers must take out their own cover. Failure to do so is at your (their/hirer/driver’s) own risk. The ‘lessor’ will not be held liable for this or any charges/losses etc. rising from this.

The ‘lessors’ policy of insurance is available for inspection on request.

You must live in the UK with a UK Driving Licence

All drivers must be present at the time of collection with the following identification.

  • Full UK driving licence – UK licences must have a valid “licence share code” from

  • Valid debit or credit card

  • Two of the following proof of address:

o Utility bill – landline telephone, gas, electric, water

o Bank statement

o Credit card statement

o Council tax invoice for the current year

Both of the above proofs of address must be dated within 3 months of the date of collection, showing the driver’s name and current home address

  • Main drivers debit or credit card to pay the remaining security deposit (insurance excess)


Our rental quotations are only valid for 3 days

UK rental = Mainland UK only

Please read your confirmation carefully to ensure you have ordered all the necessary extras you require. If any items is not listed on your quotation/confirmation you will need to email us for a new quotation/add these onto your booking, where additional charges will apply.


You the driver(s) must be between the ages of 25 – 75 years, a regular driver with 2 years driving experience, in good health and no accidents or insurance claims within the past 3 years. (If you have had any accidents or insurance claims within the past 3 years, please notify us upon your enquiry or booking so that an insurance clearance can be carried out, to ensure we can hire to you.)


Please advise us at the time your enquiry or booking, if any of the drivers have had any accidents or/and insurance claims, fault or non fault within the past 3 years. Please supply the following information so that we can carry out an insurance clearance, to check we can hire to you. Failure to notify us at the time of booking may result in us being unable to insure the driver, and if you cannot supply a suitable driver that fits our criteria on the day of collection, you will lose the non refundable booking deposit and/or the full rental charge (subject to our cancellation terms and conditions).

  • Accident or claim date

  • Circumstances of the accident/claim

  • Total value of accident/claim for you and the third party

  • Who was at fault

  • Value of personal injury claimed


If there are any points/endorsements/convictions on the driver’s driving licence please call us prior to making any booking on 01142610522

If you are booking via our online system you must put a note in the ‘additional information box’ stating the following information:

  • offence code (two letter with two numbers)

  • date of offence

  • date of conviction

  • fine

  • ban period

  • points etc

We will note we are aware of your points/endorsements when we confirm your booking via email. Please check your booking confirmation very carefully for this information and if you are unable to see acceptance, additional terms, deposit and charges because of your points/endorsements please call us immediately on 01142610522. (Please Note: Most points i.e. SP30, CU80, TS10 , TT99 = more than 12+ points is on your licence for a minimum of 4 years, more serious are DR = drink driving or drug driving are on your driving licence for at least 11 years.) Some points can stay on a driving licence for difference periods, please check first by calling us. All points/endorsements/convictions MUST be notified to us the ‘lessor’ at the time of booking so that we the ‘lessor’ can carry out the necessary insurance authorisation etc. Failure to disclose this important information will result in you losing your full non refundable booking deposit or/and rental charge, and your booking will be void as you/the hirer/the driver/the card holder are unable to provide a driver that complies with our driver criteria at the time of collection. (Please read our cancellation terms). We cannot be held liable or responsible for you/the driver/hirer/card holder not informing us the ‘lessor’ of this information. You, the driver/hirer/card holder take full liability to ensure the driver(s) driving our vehicle(s) fits our driver criteria and requirements at the time of making any bookings with us the ‘lessor’.


Additional drivers can be insured for a daily charge. A full driving licence and identification are required for each and every driver upon collection. Please refer to our ‘Paperwork Required’ page. No driver is allowed to drive the vehicle unless they have been added to the vehicles insurance and have written consent from us the ‘lessor’ to drive the vehicle.

BOOKING DEPOSIT A non refundable booking deposit of £250.00 GBP will be deducted from your nominated card supplied at the time of booking, this amount will be processed from your account immediately.

Sometimes in the event of the rental charge being lower than the £500.00 booking deposit, the total rental charge amount will be taken as the non refundable booking deposit. This rental payment will count as the non refundable booking deposit. If you are paying by a credit card, a 2% credit card handling fee will also be charged. We also accept payment via Bank Transfer; please contact us for our bank details.

All payments must be made from the main driver’s debit or credit card or from their bank account for security reasons.

Please make sure there is enough credit available on your card. If there is not enough credit available on your card or if the card security details do not match and the deposit/payment cannot be taken, your booking will become void and cancelled immediately by us with no further liability.

The non refundable booking deposit is debited off the total rental balance.

The remaining rental balance must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to your collection date (8 weeks if attended a special event). Any late payments will result in your booking being cancelled with no refund.

Upon collection of the vehicle a security deposit (insurance damage excess) is due by the main driver’s credit or debit card.


Standard Security Deposit (Insurance Excess) amount in low, mid and high season – £1500.00

Standard Festival Security Deposit (Insurance Excess) (excluding football events) – £1000.00

Standard Football Event Security Deposit (Insurance Excess) – £2000.00

There is a security deposit (insurance excess) required upon collection of the motorhome. This must be paid on the main drivers debit or credit card for security reasons. The security deposit amount is processed from your card and this payment will show on your credit or debit card statement.

AFP Motorhome Hire  reserves the right to increase the overall security deposit (insurance excess) for specific events, dates etc (i.e. sports fixtures, music festivals, rental periods that are over 15 days etc.) from £1000.00 to a minimum of £2000.00 (as stated on your rental agreement) and/or may be higher if a driver or drivers have any motoring points/endorsements/disqualifications, fault and non fault accidents/insurance claims etc.

Please contact us for further information and driver clearance. The security deposit amount is confirmed at the time of booking.

Please note: your security deposit amount is also classed as the vehicle insurance excess which is payable on each and every individual damage, accident, insurance claim, loss etc.


To place a booking please contact AFP Motorhome Hire on 0114 261 0522 OR 07770 772676

Request to book a vehicle online through our website.

Online Bookings: When we receive your online booking request, we will check availability, and if we the vehicle and dates requested are available, we will then process the non refundable booking deposit from your nominated card you have listed on your booking request immediately (The nominated card must belong to the Main Driver). You will receive an email confirming your booking and a booking confirmation number will be given. In the event the vehicle or dates or both are not available we will contact you via email or telephone (provided online) to discuss alternative vehicle/dates etc. (Subject availability and opening hours)


This is a refundable security deposit as long as the vehicle is returned back to our AFP Motorhome Hire on the correct date and time stated on your rental agreement. Vehicles must be returned undamaged inside and outside, with the correct amount of fuel, with the grey waste water tank and toilet cassette emptied and with the vehicle interior, cab area, lockers and hatches in a clean and hygienic condition and in the same condition as received upon collection, otherwise cleaning and valeting charges will apply. Please see our ‘Cleaning and Valeting Charges’ section.

All your personal belongings must be removed and the vehicle thoroughly cleaned to the ‘lessors’ satisfaction (as received upon collection) before you hand in the vehicles keys to the ‘lessors’.

The vehicles are not completely checked in by a member of our team immediately upon return. You will be asked to sign to say you have returned the vehicle and that upon checked in any damage found, missing, broken items/accessories will be charged accordingly to these terms and conditions and those terms and conditions of your rental agreement and those on the check in and out agreement and as stated on our website

Please allow time for unpacking and cleaning of the vehicle in your schedule, so the vehicle is returned and keys handed in on time.

The vehicle will be checked in for any damage inside and outside, and for any missing, broken items/accessories and cleanliness within 3 days after you have returned the vehicle to the AFP Motorhome Hire.

To ensure there are no discrepancies on damage, broken and missing items/accessories and cleanliness etc, on collection of the vehicle it will be ‘checked out’ with a member of the AFP Motorhome team and the main driver only. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure all damage to the vehicle, missing, broken items and cleanliness etc are noted on both copies of the rental agreement/check out and in agreement sheet (hirers and ‘lessors’ copies) at the time of ‘check out’. The ‘lessor’ will not accept any discrepancies for any damage, missing, broken items found once you have left.

On ‘check in’ any damage to the motorhome inside and outside, missing, broken items/accessories etc that were not noted on the both copies of the rental agreement/check out and in agreement/sheet will be charged to the hirer/driver.

On motorhome rentals that are returned back as stated above, in the correct order and to the ‘lessors’ satisfaction will have their security deposit (insurance excess) refunded back on to the card it was processed on, within 7 working days, after the motorhome has been returned to the lessor (Subject to opening hours where the refund will be processed the next working day). The day you return the vehicle is not counted. Motorhomes that have damage, missing and/or broken items/accessories and/or require cleaning will be delayed on any refunds until the vehicle is back into the same condition as stated on your rental agreement and the repairs, parts, cleaning etc have been completed to the ‘lessors’ satisfaction and the total cost has been established by the ‘lessor’. Any remaining balance left from your security deposit (once the repairs, parts, cleaning etc has been debited) we will refunded this back on to the card it was processed from. Any damage, loss and/or broken items/accessories over the value of your security deposit will be charged in accordance with our terms and conditions of your rental agreement, check in and out agreement sheet and as stated on our website

All parts are charged at maker’s list price and our minimum labour rate is £50.00 plus vat per hour or there part of. Negligence damage and overhead damage is the responsibility of the driver/hirer, it is not covered by the vehicle’s insurance.



The vehicle must be returned back in a clean and hygienic condition throughout (inside), with the toilet, toilet cassette emptied, cassette and cassette area clean, waste water tank emptied, all locker areas and cab cleaned etc, ready for its next rental. We do not ask you to clean the exterior body work of the vehicle.

If you arrive at late, and the motorhome has not been cleaned our cleaning charges etc will apply.


Our vehicles are booked out within hours of your check-in time, so you must ensure you are back on time and allow extra time for any holds up’s, traffic etc and for unloading the vehicle, cleaning etc. We require a certain amount of time to get the vehicle checked in, inspected, cleaned (if you haven’t cleaned it to our standard) etc. ready for its next rental. You cannot be late.


The vehicle must be returned back in a clean, hygienic and tidy condition (as received upon collection) ready for the next rental otherwise the following charges will apply.

Our standard cleaning charge of £100.00 plus vat applies

If you have rented the vehicle to attend a festival, an event – football, rugby etc or film and entertainment use – our cleaning charge is £300.00 plus vat.

Pets – standard cleaning charge of £175.00 plus vat applies on top of our standard cleaning charge.

Failure to empty the toilet cassette is a charge of £45.00 plus vat.

Failure to cleaning the toilet cassette area is a charge of £45.00 plus vat.

Valeting of upholsteries including mattresses, seats, curtains, mattress protectors, carpets etc a minimum charge of £150.00 to maximum charge of £250.00 plus vat on top of our standard/festival/event cleaning change.


We accept payment by Visa Debit, Visa, Mastercard and Electron cards and a small amount of cash. We do not accept American Express, pre-paid cards or holiday travel cards. The rental charge and the security deposit (insurance excess) are classed as two separate payments. All payments must be made by the main drivers debit/credit card for security reasons (unless agreed otherwise by the’lessor’).


If you choose the pay the non refundable booking deposit and rental charge by credit card a 3% handling fee will apply on top of the amount you are paying.

If you wish to pay with multiple cards a 3% charge will be charged to cover banking fees. Card fees are non refundable.

We do not charge you for using a debit card.

  1. a) AFP Motorhome Hire will accept payment by credit cards and debit cards approved by the ‘lessor’.
    b) When payment is paid by credit or debit card, I agree that;

  • AFP Motorhome Hire is irrevocably authorised to complete any documentation and to take any other action to recover from my credit or debit card issuer all amounts due by me pursuant to this agreement, including but not limited to those outline in our terms and conditions on our rental agreement, check in and out agreement sheet and on our website  , rental and other charges, including charges for damage.

  • I will not dispute my liability to AFP Motorhome Hire, for any amount due under this agreement and I shall indemnify and keep indemnified AFP Motorhome Hire against any loss incurred (including legal costs) by reason of notifying my credit or debit card issuer of such dispute.

  • AFP Motorhome Hire is authorised to process the booking deposit and remaining rental balance that is due 6 weeks prior to collection.

  • I agree that AFP Motorhome Hire is entitled to recover payment any unpaid balances/invoice/damage and that interest may be added.


c) I acknowledge that all transactions under this agreement are conducted in GB Pounds Sterling. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, there could be some variance between the amount initially debited against my credit or debit card or bank and the amount refunded within 7 working days after the expiration of the rental period. I release AFP Motorhome Hire from any liability for such variation.


All cancellations must be made to AFP Motorhome Hire in writing or via email. The initial booking deposit paid is non-refundable. In addition to forfeiting your booking deposit, the following charges also apply:

Please ensure you receive a cancellation confirmation back from AFP Motorhome Hire otherwise your booking is not cancelled

  • 43 days (6 weeks & 1 day) or more cancellation notice – Non refundable booking deposit

  • Between 42 days (6 weeks) – 29 days (4 weeks & 1 day) cancellation notice: Non refundable booking deposit or 50% of the total rental charge, whichever is the greater amount except where the rental charge is lower than £500.00, then the total rental charge will be charged/lost plus a £25.00 admin fee.

  • 28 days (4 weeks) or less cancellation notice, including failure to collect or take the vehicle or incorrect identification or unsuitable driver then: 100% of the total hire charge

Unfortunately AFP Motorhome Hire cannot postpone or transfer money from one hire to another.


If you wish to amend any extra chargeable items on your booking. i.e. BBQ, gas bottle, and additional drivers, etc. This must be amended/cancelled/removed 6 weeks (or more) prior to your collection date. Any cancellation or removal of chargeable extras etc. will not be refundable within 6 weeks of collecting your vehicle.


We reserve the rights to charge an administration fee of £25.00 plus vat for any changes to the original reservation details/online booking/telephone booking and for removal of rental days, removal of rental items/add-ons, re-send/re-issue of booking confirmation, email, change of vehicle, change of dates and/or times, change of driver etc.

CANCELLATION OF BOOKED RENTAL DAYS (PRIOR TO YOUR COLLECTION) If you wish to cancel a booked rental day (maximum limit of 20% of the original number of days booked can be cancelled) prior to your collection date, the following charges will apply. Special offers, long terms rentals over 21 days, last minute deals, rentals of 8 days or less are excluded where full rental will still be charged:

  • 141 days notice prior to your collection date – an amendment fee of £25.00 plus vat to amend your date. minimum rental applies.

  • Between 140 days to 85 days notice prior to your collection date – a cancellation charge 20% of each rental day cancelled plus an amendment fee.

  • Between 84 days to 43 days notice prior to your collection date – a cancellation fee of 40% of each rental day cancelled plus an amendment fee

  • Between 42 days to 29 days notice prior to your collection date – a cancellation fee of 50% of each rental day cancelled plus an amendment fee.

  • Between 28 days and your collection day – 100% of each rental day cancelled.


No refund would be given.


We do not offer or provide a Collision Damage Waiver. There are companies on the internet where you can purchase a ‘motorhome insurance excess cover’ to protect your security deposit/insurance excess – but this at your own discretion and expense.

We can provide a name of a company that can assist you with this cover and you can use them at your own discretion and risk.

The hirer is covered on our vehicle insurance.


Standard Insurance excess (security deposit) amount in Low, Mid and High season – £1000.00

Standard Festival insurance excess (security deposit) (excluding football events) – £1500.00

Standard Football Events insurance excess (security deposit) – £2000.00

The insurance excess amount is also the security deposit amount due upon collection. There is an insurance excess on all motorhome rental as stated above. This figure can alter if you have endorsements/points, previous accidents, how many days you are renting the vehicle for etc. The excess will then be increased accordingly and this will be stated on the front of your rental agreement. If you are attending a festival and anything classed as high risk then the standard security deposit & excess are increased to a minimum of £1500.00. A security deposit to the value of the insurance excess will be required at the time of collection. The insurance excess of £1000.00/£1250.00 (unless stated otherwise on your rental agreement) covers you in an event of an insurance claim or road traffic accident. However this insurance excess does not cover keys, damage to tyres, wheel rims, alloys, hub caps (including punctures/blow outs/tyre damage) windscreens, mirrors, windows, overhead damage, internal damage, miss use, missing/broken equipment, damage caused by reversing, width restrictions or any other damage caused by gross negligence. This means the hirer/driver shall be liable for the full cost of repairs and this must be paid on return of the vehicle unless agreed otherwise with the ‘lessor’. The hirer/driver is liable to pay the stated insurance excess on each and every individual damage, loss, accident, road traffic accident and insurance claim. The hirer should be aware that the security deposit will be used to fund any loss or damage what so ever to equipment, fixtures and fittings, windows, tyres or damage to the vehicle inside and out.


This is not covered on our vehicle’s insurance and will be responsibility of the hirer/driver. ‘Overhead damage’ meaning damage on or above the vehicle’s windscreen height. ‘Internal damage’ meaning any item inside the vehicle including fixtures and fitting, furnishings, TV/DVD, cupboards, floor, carpet, ceiling, windows, dash board, door trims, work surfaces, upholsteries, manuals and all its accessories etc. and any other damage caused by gross negligence and/or misuses, the hirer/driver will be liable for the full cost of repair(s) and must be paid on return of the vehicle, unless agreed otherwise in writing with the ‘lessor’. The hirer should be aware that the security deposit will be used to fund any loss or damage what so ever to equipment, fixtures and fittings, windows, tyres or damage to the vehicle inside and out.

When the vehicle is unattended, it must be locked, deadlocked and alarmed. Keys must be removed from the ignition when the vehicle is stationery.


Broken & lost equipment and accessories inside and outside the motorhome, including ladders, mattresses, upholsteries, bike rack, sun awning, awning rod, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans, additional rental items i.e. camping chairs, tables, bbq, bedding, towels, GPS satellite navigation etc are not covered by our vehicle’s insurance. Full cost of replacing or repairing the equipment will be down to the driver/hirer(s). Parts are charged at maker’s list price and our minimum labour rate of £50.00 plus vat per hour will apply. Any additional excess is payable to us immediately when the vehicle is returned. Failure to make payment on-time will result in interest being added immediately on a daily basis.


Parts are charged at maker’s list price plus additional charges for labour, fitting and for locating the replacement part(s) etc. We will only fit 100% original manufactured parts from our approved suppliers.


Our minimum labour rate is charged at £60.00 per hour plus vat or there part of.


AFP Motorhome Hire only uses AFP VEHICLE HIRE LTD Repairs as their approved repairs for our vehicles. We do not allow our vehicle’s to be repaired anywhere else.

In the unfortunate event, the vehicle requires fixing or repair whilst on rental, the hirer/driver must obtain written authorisation from the ‘lessor’ AFP Motorhome Hire) before any work or third party works are carried out. Failure to obtain consent will be at your own loss and expense and will be charged if any works are not carried out to the ‘lessors’ satisfaction.


Should you damage in any way or break anything, please email  with a description of the damage and if possible a picture. Please can you also call us on 01142610522 or 07770772676. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for any losses incurred and the damage caused could stop the vehicle going out on it next rental, which you would be liable for.


In the event of any accident, loss or damage you the hirer/driver must-

  • Notify AFP Motorhome Hire within 24 hours of the event happening

  • Obtain names and address of the third parties, any witnesses and report the event to the nearest police station

  • Complete AFP Motorhome Hire insurance accident report claim form upon return of the vehicle.

  • Do not make any admissions of liability to other parties, settlement offer or other like offers. Assist the ‘lessor’ in handling the claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending court to give evidence.


The minimum rental period is one week (7 days) in high season, but we may be able to accommodate a 4 day hire in mid, lower and winter seasons. Christmas and New Year holiday is a fixed rental period.

If the hirer wishes to extend the rental period once they have taken the vehicle, they must inform AFP Motorhome Hire as soon as possible, during normal working hours. If the vehicle is unavailable for the extra rental period that the hirer/driver wishes to extend the rental period to, then the vehicle must be returned at the correct date and time originally stated on your rental agreement. If this is not met, penalty charges will occur, a fixed charge of £350.00 per day plus VAT on top of the normal daily rental charge.

If we are able to extend the hire period that is required, then full payment must be made at the time of extension, you must not let the rental agreement expire. If you are unable to make payment before the original rental agreement ends, then the vehicle must be returned before the current hire is due to expire. If no payment can be made then no extension will be authorised. If you return your motorhome early, no refund will be given.


Every effort will be made to supply the model/group requested. If the vehicle is not available for any reason beyond our control or if we are unable to supply an alternative motorhome, all payments will be refunded with no further liability.

It is essential that an extra Travel/Holiday Insurance etc, is taken out against any unforeseen delays, availability, breakdowns, cancellations before and during the rental period, failure to do so, is at your own risk and expense. Contents insurance or goods in transit insurance are to be taken out by the hirer/driver as this is not included in our vehicle’s insurance cover. Failure to do so is at your own risk and expense. Unfortunately we are unable to cross hire with other companies or find an alternative replacement from other companies.


AFP Motorhome Hire will carry out a full Pre-check Out Inspection (PCI) on every vehicle before the commencement of hire. The PCI involves testing every system on board the vehicle to ensure they are operating correctly. In conjunction with this the hirer will be taken on a ‘check out’ tour of the vehicle and shown how each system works. Should any on-board system fail during your hire, AFP Motorhome Hire will make every effort to remedy the fault whilst you are away (but this is limited) and in some circumstances this may not be possible to resolve the fault/issue and AFP Motorhome Hire cannot be held responsible and will not refund any monies should a loss of service be encountered nor have any obligation to provide a replacement vehicle. AFP Motorhome Hire will not be and cannot be held responsible in the event of any damage or inconveniences caused by cold and freezing weather conditions. This is the responsibility of the hirer. On ‘check in’ of the vehicle, any systems not working/not working correctly will be checked for damage, any damage caused will be charged to the hirer/driver. All faults must be reported immediately to AFP Motorhome Hire, by phone. If necessary please leave a message stating the date, time, fault, vehicle registration, your name and contact number.


  1. a) I the hirer/driver acknowledge having received the vehicle in a clean and hygienic condition and in sound working order in accordance with the motorhome check in and check out agreement/sheet and all its accessories and any additional rental items.

  2. b) I the hirer/driver acknowledge that AFP Motorhome Hire will not refund to me any monies if the vehicle is returned or I cease to have use of the vehicle or an item of equipment on the vehicle prior to the return date for any reason e.g. misused, accident, weather, theft, damage or if the user(s) has caused the fault/breakdown/accident.


If the rental vehicle breaks down, a fault occurs or is involved in an accident where the vehicle cannot be driven you must call the breakdown cover supplied with the vehicle first. (telephone number is on the screen of the rental vehicle) or in the vehicles manuals

All breakdowns and/or faults must be reported and logged immediately by the breakdown supplier  AFP Motorhome Hire or the breakdown/fault will NOT be taken into consideration and no refund given. In the event of a vehicle breakdown/fault or an accident occurring, AFP Motorhome Hire shall stand NO liability for additional charges such as accommodation, transportation costs, losses, loss of earnings, damage of any kind etc and advise you take out the necessary insurance cover against this, failure to do so is at your own risk and expense. An alternative vehicle might be supplied when the vehicle is recovered back to AFP Motorhome Hire, , and if an alternative vehicle not being available, then each day or there part of, shall be refunded with no further liability to us the ‘lessor’, (as long as the accident or breakdown or fault etc. was not the drivers/hire/user’s fault). The vehicle must be returned back with the correct level of fuel and in a clean and hygienic condition throughout etc (no matter what) or charges will still apply (there is no exceptions). Minor running repairs, such as tyres, punctures, bulbs, oils and other fluids are the responsibility of the driver. It is the hirer/drivers responsibility to check daily: oil, water, tyre pressures and lights and if necessary topped up to the correct levels. Any damage arising from failure to do so will be charged to the hirer/driver. AFP Motorhome Hire does not accept any liability for any loss of earnings, money, belongings, inconveniences etc of any form. The hirer is liable for breakdowns and call-outs that are classed as the hirers/drivers negligence, preventable fault including misuse of the vehicle and negligence. (For example… contaminated fuel, run down battery(s), lack or shortage of fuel, loss of key(s), lockouts and parking on soft ground etc) If your rental is part of a special rate/offer or has free rental days given as part of your hire and the vehicle breaks down, any refund on that hire will be workout out as follows: ‘Total Rental Special Offer Rate Paid’ divided by the ‘Overall Rental Days’ for that offer/period/rate etc. (The overall rental days will include any free days included in that offer/rate/period.) The maximum refund amount that the ‘lessor’ will issue on any rental is the total vehicle rental amount you have paid to the ‘lessor’ AFP Motorhome Hire excluding any additional items that are taken on top of the vehicles rental charge i.e. additional drivers insurance, sat nav and gas bottle etc these will not be refunded. Our admin charges, credit card fees, are non refundable.


We do not accept any liability for the vehicle and/or any of its accessories/items not working correctly or not working at all when used/rented in cold, freezing and unpredictable weather and temperatures.


  1. a) Subject to its obligation to collect the vehicle/motorhome or an appropriate substitute vehicle/motorhome, I release AFP Motorhome Hire, its employees and agents, from any liability to me and my passengers (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss or damage incurred by me by reason of this agreement, including but not limited to:

  • Any loss or damage caused by breakdown, mechanical defect, accident or the vehicle/motorhome being unsuitable for my purpose;

  • Any loss or damage to any property left in or on the vehicle/motorhome

  • , in any service vehicle/motorhome or on AFP Motorhome Hire premises or recovered or handled by AFP Motorhome Hire

  • Subject to any insurance arrangements agreed with AFP Motorhome Hire, I hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified AFP Motorhome Hire, its employees and agents against any claims, demands and expenses (including legal costs etc) incurred or sustained by them or any of them by reason of my use and/or possession of the vehicle/motorhome.


The vehicle will be ‘checked out’ by a member of the AFP Motorhome Hire staff and the main driver at the time of ‘check out’ and the fuel level noted on the rental agreement.

It is the hirer(s)/driver(s) responsibility to bring the vehicle back with the correct amount of fuel as indicated on the rental agreement. Any discrepancies on the fuel level of the vehicle must be taken up with us the ‘lessor’ at ‘check out’ and if necessary it will be amended on all copies of the rental agreement before you take the vehicle from our premises.

We will not accept any disputes on fuel level if the vehicle is taken off the premises or when the vehicle is returned.

Failure to return the vehicle with the correct amount of fuel as indicated on the rental agreement at ‘check out’ will incur re-fuelling charges at our own fuel rate. This must be paid immediately at the return of the vehicle or at a swap over of vehicles.

The vehicle comes as standard with a small bottle of toilet chemical. If the gas or toilet chemical runs out during your rental, it is the hirer/drivers responsibility to re-stock at their own expense.


From the date the refund is processed, please allow up to a minimum of 10 working days for the refund to show on your account. International cards/accounts may take longer.


Credit card fees are charges at 3% on top of the amount you are paying. Handling charges or amendments are charged at £25.00 plus vat each item. Administration charges for PCN, speeding tickets, tolls, or any other traffic fine(s) and offences are charged at £15.00 plus vat each item/fine. All fees and administration charges are non refundable.


Pets are welcome in our vehicles as long as you have notified the ‘lessor’ at the time of booking. No pets are allowed in our vehicles unless agreed with us first. On return of the vehicle, please ensure that all pet hair is completely removed and the vehicle is clean and tidy (see our returning the vehicle section) or a valeting/upholstery cleaning charge(s) will apply. A minimum animal cleaning charge of £175.00 plus VAT on top of our standard cleaning charge of £100.00 plus VAT. Any damage/stains/scratches caused by your pet/animal will not be covered under our vehicle’s insurance and you will be charged for the full cost of repairs and any losses incurred.


Smoking is NOT allowed in any of our vehicles.

If you ignore this policy – you will be charged for a full valet at £300.00 plus VAT on top of the standard cleaning charge of £100.00 plus VAT.


Shall be the responsibility of the hirer/driver.


It is the responsibility of the hirer/driver(s) to ensure all charges including parking tickets, London congestion charge, fixed penalty notices, bus lanes, tolls, dart charge etc are paid for. If the lessor’ receives a notification of fine/PCN/offence etc of any kind, an administration charge of £15.00 plus vat will apply for each letter, notification and PCN received. This is an administration fee.

Our administration fee/fees will be processed immediately from any payment card that has been given or used against your rental without prior notification to the hirer/card holder.

Should the lessor receive a fine/pcn/notification that cannot be transferred into the hirer/driver’s name i.e. bus lane fines etc or/and the hirer/driver use the breakdown cover for a hirer/driver induced or preventable fault/breakdown, then the fine/charge amount as well as our administration fee/fees will be processed from any payment card that has been given or used against your rental without prior notification to the hirer/card holder.

We cannot accept responsibility for errors made by a third party in relation to the administration charge on a PCN or any other offences/fine. Our administration charges are non refundable.


If you return the motorhome after the rental agreement has expired, a late fine will be issued. Late fines/charges will depend on the motorhome hired and how late the motorhome is returned. If the motorhome is re-booked out to another client and you do not return the motorhome at the agreed date and time as stated on your hire/rental agreement, you the hirer will be liable for any losses occurred and the rental loss if the next customer withdraws their rental booking. Any losses will then be passed on to you, the hirer/driver, where full payment must be made to us the ‘lessor’ in full immediately or interest will apply on a daily basis. To avoid these fines/charges, always return your hire vehicle ON TIME.


The rights are reserved to vary rates, vehicles, conditions and periods of rental at any time. We as the hire company/lessor reserve the rights to refuse a booking/hire and to terminate a hire at anytime without any notification or reason and without any further liability.

During the rental period the hirer/drivers must keep the vehicle and all its accessories in their or any approved driver’s possession, free from any legal process or lien and when not in use adequately protect and secure the vehicle at all times. Failure to do so will invalidate the vehicle’s insurance cover and we therefore hold the hirer/driver fully liable for the replacement of the vehicle and all its accessories etc.


The hirer, any driver and payment card holder agree that all information submitted, may be shared with third parties, including other hire companies and vehicle providers in the event of ‘the Lessor’ suffering unrecoverable loss or fraud. Such information will be used to help prevent fraud and other criminal activities.


You use our website, services, vehicles and additional rental item(s) hired at your own risk. You are bound by our terms and conditions above and on the reverse side of the rental agreement/invoice/credit account hire and on the Check In & Out Sheet Agreement. We are not liable for any errors that may occur, technical, pricing, deposits etc and our prices are fixed rates and we advise you to always check with our company on 01142610522 OR 07770772676 to ensure the pricing etc is correct before proceeding with your booking.

Failure to do so is at your own risk and you may incur additional charges. All bookings and prices etc will be checked first by us the ‘lessor’ before we confirm a booking.

AFP Motorhome Hire do not accept any liability for any loss of earnings, money, belongings, inconveniences, personal injury etc of any form.


Interest of 1.5% above Lloyds PLC basis rate will be charged on late payments. Interest payments are non refundable.


Hirer[s] may leave one car in our yard FREE of charge for the duration of their hire at their own risk. Once the rental vehicle is returned, your vehicle must be removed from our yard or charges will apply.


Monday – Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

Saturday – 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Sunday – by appointment ONLY.

Bank Holidays– by appointment ONLY

Christmas Day & New Year Day  – Closed

Our prices are inclusive of  vehicle breakdown [UK only], UK vehicle insurance and are in £GBP.



You (the hirer/driver etc) hereby agree that you will not slander or write negative reviews, posts and comments about the ‘lessor’ AFP Motorhome Hire or its staff, unless you can prove that the lessor has failed to provide the service that is set out in these terms and conditions, including the terms and conditions on the reverse side of the rental agreement and on the check in & check out sheet agreement. If the lessor has complied with these term and conditions, including the terms and conditions on reverse side of the rental agreement and on the check in & check out sheet agreement and you write/post negative reviews/comments, the ‘lessor’ can pursue legal action against you for losses and damages etc.


You are also subject the terms and conditions on the front and reverse side of the rental agreement and on our Check In & Out Sheet Agreement which shall be deemed to be included in this agreement as if the same were fully set out herein. This agreement shall be governed by the law of Great Britain in which this agreement was made between the lessor and yourself, you accepted these terms and conditions the moment you started using our website and also at the time of booking and whilst under a rental agreement


Tel: 0114 261 0522


346 Brightside Lane

Sheffield S9 2SP


Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:30

Saturday 08:00 - 14:00

Sunday 10:00 - 14:00



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We have a wide range of self drive vans available to hire in sizes to suit all needs from small courier and side loading panel vans  to tippers and tail lifts.

All of our vehicles are fully serviced an expertly maintained with daily, short and long term hiring options.

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