Introducing the brand new 4G Mobile Pocket WiFi Kit with external antenna. Simply insert any sim card and share the internet connection with up to 5 devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads or computers. The external antenna allows you to take the phone company’s data signal from outside and use the internet inside your caravan, boat, motorhome or truck.

Designed perfectly with you in mind, set up in less than 2 minutes with no technical knowledge required, letting our kit do all the work. Simply use any 4G data sim with our product and receive the internet anywhere in the world. Our 4G Router kit is specifically designed to put 4G WiFi internet in your caravan, motorhome, boat or horsebox and comes with an adaptor to perfectly fit and connect all universal sim cards into the device.
Now supplied with SIM card.

KUMA 4G POCKET WIFI KIT + SIMIntroducing the brand new 4G Mobile Pocket WiF CARD



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